Corporate Overview.  

Jaspal & Sons Co. Ltd. has reached a significant milestone of 70 years since the company’s inception. Starting with one retail bed & bath import store the company today is a leader in the bedding category with 7 brands and nationwide distribution through over 350 outlets. This is besides enjoying a worldwide reputation for quality and service excellence with brand presence in the retail and hospitality sector in more than 15 countries. Today the company employs more than 1,400 people with its ongoing expansion of its business facility that houses manufacturing, design and development, corporate offices and logistics with a comprehensivefacility of 42,000 square meters.

From state of the art design and product development to vertical manufacturing integration we encompass the entire ambit of product representation. With an entrepreneurial vision we are dedicated to innovation and creativity while embracing the dynamics of market changes. We continuously strive to stay ahead and deliver product with sustainable quality to our discerning and loyal customers.
Business Category  

The company believes in versatility and our brands cover the entire spectrum of the retail segment with strategic positioning. We partner with key retailers with nationwide distribution with a penchant for growth and products enhancements for the end user customers. The branded products are distributed through retail concept corners with visual display and assisted by company’s own staff of retail promoters present at each of this partnered outlets.

  Through our own upscale retail outlets of Jaspal Home we represent the categories of bedding, bed linen, bath spa, dining, art décor, floor accents alongside a variety of living and soft line accessories.

    Through our over 350 nationwide outlets with galleries and concept corners, we cover the product range of mattress, box spring, headboards, bed linen, top of the bed white fillings, bath linen and bathroom rugs.
Plant & Facility  

Jaspal & Sons. Co. Ltd houses a very comprehensive manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment.

We are long standing 29 years licensees of the leading global bedding company Tempur Sealy International, Inc. of USA in Thailand and primary suppliers of Sealy Asia in over 12 countries for 15 years.
Vertically integrated production facility including innerspring plant with patented machinery, material quilting and handcrafted mattress and stylized box spring build up is all part of the expertise. This makes us capable of producing patented inner spring mattress, stylized box spring and headboards and accessories.  

This is replete with full bedding product design and development supported by technological and materials research.
ISO Certification  

In its quest to guarantee customers that the quality of its products is at parity with international standards, Jaspal & Sons implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system..

The company was proud to be awarded this certification as the first company in Thailand from the BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) for its high standards in mattress and bed linen manufacturing.

Commitment to in depth manufacturing quality and intrinsic design creativity is a pursuit of passion for our company. As a result of which many creative outputs are achieved. We proudly produce bed linen, top of the bed white fillings as pillows, duvet and comforter,

This though is not without having the dedication to process capability and quality management.

Qualified by Laboratory Accreditation in accordance with the Thai Industrial Standard TIS 17025-2548 (2005) (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Steps of Quality Process

Fully integrated pattern development adds to the creativity. Advanced graphic designing and color separation program from Europe. Computer aided design (CAD) system from Europe is in place for creative technical designing and mapping of models.

Quality of Fabric Preparation
Each of the fabric qualities has customized preparation to bring best out of them. Fabrics are treated to singeing, desizing, scouring, mercerising and bleaching. European made machinery specially designed to produce wider width fabrics.

The good quality dyed stuff and careful process controls give consistency and quality of dyeing. Versatile jiggers from Europe allowed excellent controls. From light to dark colored cottons are dyed with utmost care.

We called it CREATION not production. Fabric printing from Europe combined with skilled and delicate operators produced astonishing good results provided to produce panel prints designs to fit the king size mattresses. Experience gained over years has further strengthened ability to smartly convert rotary printing designs on Flat Bed and state of the art Digital Printing in our fully equipped facility.
Fabric Finishing

We deliver that all fabrics are Azo-dyed and Formaldehyd. They passed OKOTEX standard for textile products. Also protects against common bacterial and fungi certified by Microban world well-known antibacterial treatment. Jaspal SOF-TOUCH process is equivalent to sanforizing.

Fabric Stitching

With high experienced capability of semi-automatic workforces facilitated by leading brand of sewing machines, it promises the finest and trimmest quality of bed linen products.

Quality of Assurance

Strict quality control is adhered to at every intermediary stage during textile preparation and printing. While post production testing assures quality product for the market.

Strategic Alliances

  It is strategic alliances and shared product vision that makes a successful formula of JASPAL & SONS growth.

Shaping the Future of Bedding

Strategic alliances have been a critical factor in the success of Jaspal & Sons and one of its most illustrious partnerships has been with Sealy Tempur International Inc., USA. This alliance, now in its 29th year, is a partnership founded on mutual respect to make the highest quality bedding , using the best technology. Sealy Inc., USA, a global industry leader, has 25 manufacturing plants in the United States and 10 manufacturing licensees worldwide.

Comfort With Safety

Another important partner of Jaspal & Sons, is Microban. Microban is a non-toxic, anti-microbial fabric protector, which inhibits the growth of dust mites by eliminating the bacteria and fungi that they feed on thus providing protection from mites. These mites can often be the cause of allergies, as well as bacteria and fungi, which can cause skin and respiratory irritations and undesirable odours. Jaspal & Sons markets Microban-treated products for its entire range of SANTAS bed & bath linen, SANTAS & Invista fibrefill sleep products and Sealy bed sets.

An Insignia of Quality

SANTAS Home Fashion has an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Cotton USA for the brand marketing of bed & bath linen and fibrefill products in Thailand. The Cotton USA product endorsement assures the customer that the highest grade of quality tested US Cotton is utilised to produce SANTAS products.

A Mark of Quality

Jaspal & Sons and Supima are pioneered in business relationship of bed linen in Thailand to provide a means of promoting high quality bed linen made of 100% American Pima Cotton. Supima trademark is the consumer’s guarantee that the branded SANTAS product they are buying is made of U.S. grown extra long staple cotton or Supima cotton.

The World's Top Choice In Fibrefill Pillows And Bedding Accessories

For nearly 15 years, SANTAS Home Fashion has marketed a full range of fibrefill sleep products (including pillows, luxury mattress layers, duvets, comforters and bolsters) in collaboration with US-based Invista, one of the world’s largest producers of man-made fibres. All products are hypoallergenic and washable for maximum hygiene.